Cosmetic Contouring

Cosmetic contouring is a dental procedure performed to improve the appearance of worn, damaged, or irregular shaped teeth. During the process, worn edges or chips are eliminated. Teeth are subtly reshaped to appear more attractive. Even though it does not seem possible, little changes can make a great overall difference and improve a person’s self confidence.

Cosmetic Contouring Procedure

During cosmetic contouring, a dentist removes a small amount of enamel to change the length and shape of a tooth. It is often combined with bonding, a process that uses composite resin to sculpt a better smile. Fractures are smoothed out, and angles are rounded to erase sharp curves. In many cases, contouring creates better alignment and forms a more feminine or masculine look. For maximum results, many patients bundle contouring with other cosmetic procedures like teeth whitening. After everything has been contoured, teeth appear smooth and polished. There are never any rough or uneven spots.

Advantages of Cosmetic Contouring:

A person can enjoy many benefits from cosmetic contouring. Since only surface enamel is eliminated, it is a painless way to change the look of a tooth. No anesthesia is necessary. It is also much less expensive than other cosmetic procedures, especially when a person has experienced sudden trauma and needs a quick fix. Contouring requires little time and can often be completed in one office visit.

Who Should Consider Cosmetic Contouring?

A perfect candidate for tooth contouring is someone with minor teeth imperfections, including tiny chips, slight overlaps, or minor unevenness. Pointy teeth can be filed down to a more aesthetically pleasing appearance as well. However, this procedure can only be performed on healthy teeth, so anyone with past extensive restorations, thin enamel, or gum problems will need to consider other options.

How Long Does Cosmetic Contouring Last?

Cosmetic contouring is permanent. However, there are no guarantees against future chips or damage created by normal aging or everyday use.

Bombay Dental Centre is dedicated to providing patients with healthy smiles. Cosmetic contouring is just one of the many dental services offered. With little effort, it is possible to repair small imperfections and regain some self esteem.