Crowns and Bridges

The most aesthetic and functional solution to rebuild a tooth is through Crowns . Also known as caps, they fit above the remaining part of the restored tooth and render sufficient strength, shape, size, and natural look. Our dentists at Bombay Dental Centre suggest crowns for patients on following oral conditions:

  1. Filling would not suffice to restore a damaged tooth
  2. Strengthen a large filling
  3. Root canal treatment
  4. Align protruding teeth
  5. Close Gaps

With huge advancements in medical technology, crowns are now available in stainless steel, porcelain, and ceramic. Based on the severity of the problem, requirement, and budgetary conditions, our dentists prescribe the most apt material for the patients. As local anesthesia would be employed while crowns are being fit, our patients would not feel the pain. After the initial few days, final height adjustment of crowns is made if necessary and subsequently patients would not feel the presence of crowns.