Immediate Implants

Immediate dental implants are specially designed implants that can have the permanent abutment & crown fitted soon after implant placement. This means your new teeth can be completed in just one appointment. The immediate  implants are safe, effective and are the most common type of implant used by Bombay Dentel Centre and their implant specialists. They are indicated for use in the majority of implant cases but not for every case.

The procedure

Immediate dental implants can be placed and the permanent crowns fitted in just one appointment. Depending on the type of system used and condition of the patient, Entire procedure takes one week up to one month. Two weeks are an average estimate of time required for complete recovery of both the upper and lower jaws. Аn example of complete recovery of a jaw with immediate dental implants:

  • Day I: extraction of teeth ( if necessary ) and placement of 8-12 immediate basal dental implants in the upper or lower jaw
  • Day II:Placement of a metal try-in
  • Day III: Placement of a construction of ceramic fused to metal crowns ( for upper jaw: 12-14 teeth or for lower jaw: 12 teeth ).

Benefits of immediate dental implants

  1. Immediate implants can be placed immediately after extraction of teeth in one visit. This method is less traumatic than the conventional ( crest / axial ) implants
  2. Placement of immediate implants has a lower price than the classical procedure because of the reduced treatment stages
  3. The risk of infection and rejection are minimal because the implants are resistant to infections. There is no risk of periimplantitis and bone loss around the implants. The requirements for oral hygiene of the patient are less demanding because of the resistance of basal implants
  4. Immediate implants are first choice for moderate or severe atrophy of the jaw, and in cases where patients want immediate restoration of masticatory function
  5. No substitute bone ( bone augmentation ) and sinus lift are necessary before placing the implants
  6. Immediate implants can be placed in smokers and patients with diabetes. The postoperative care for the implants includes perfect oral hygiene ( brushing teeth, using dental floss, mouthwash ) and regular check-ups.

What you should know about immediate implants

  1. .Immediate implants have a special form that allows their placement even in cases of severe bone atrophy in patients with ‘insufficient’ bone level
  2. Can be used as an anchor for dentures and allow the patient to immediately restore masticatory function
  3. Their placement is indicated for three or more adjacent missing teeth, because it requires larger place in the bone
  4. Immediate implants can be placed even in the presence of a little vertical bone height, if it is enough horizontal bone
  5. Ideal bone structure, excellent periodontal ( gum ) condition and overall good health are required to be a candidate for these implants.