Jaw Joint Problems

  1. Pain in neck, jaw, and face
  2. Severe stiffness in jaw muscle
  3. Locking of a jaw with limited movement
  4. Clicking or popping sound while closing or opening the mouth
  5. A drastic change in the alignment of lower and upper jaws.

Treatment procedures begin with simple applications of ice pack or painkillers to alleviate the situation. Our expert doctors may also prescribe deprogramming splint to relieve muscles from tension. Also, it is very much essential to wear night guards to avoid further tooth wear during the course of treatment. Many a time, TMD is the end result of an underlying dental condition. The best orthodontist. associated with our clinic conducts a detailed investigation through dental examinations and diagnostic tools and formulates the treatment procedure.

  1. Treatments such as replacement of missing teeth with the help of implants or bridges and correction of collapsed bites through crowns are recommended to relieve the symptoms associated with TMD.
  2. If required, root canal treatment may be undertaken by our root canal specialist to facilitate the proper fixing of bridges.
  3. To correct teeth alignment, orthodontic treatment may be suggested. It should be noted that we begin treatment of TMD through conservative approach methodologies and it is only when they fail to respond, our dentists at Bombay Dental Centre to surgical procedures. If you are experiencing symptoms of TMD, please contact us with all your medical history records so as to channelize the treatment in the right direction.