Smile Makeover

We at Bombay Dental Centre strive to render best possible smile treatment. Although we go for natural colored fillings and porcelain crowns to rectify teeth problems, it should be borne in the mind that several other factors pertaining to all teeth that are visible during smile count. We look at the whole picture and carryout smile makeover that encompasses teeth whitening, alignment of teeth, the shaping of Gum lines , veneering, and re-countering of tooth. We are absolutely sure that with the help of cutting edge technologies at our clinic and vast expertise in aesthetic dentistry, the smile you wear can be easily made elegant looking.

Just by giving an aesthetically pleasing crown or doing natural looking tooth coloured filling on a single tooth, we cannot achieve the required aesthetic boost. In such cases all the teeth which are visible during smiling have to be considered, studied and treated as a unit. Then you just see how you get that Perfect smile! You may have lost a tooth because of decay or an accident. This missing tooth can change your smile, alignment of adjacent teeth, facial profile and generate undue stresses on remaining teeth while eating. Smile makeover will definitely get your teeth in harmony.

What Is A Smile Makeover 

Misaligned and crooked teeth often make a person feel incomplete. If you suddenly get conscious of your smile while laughing in public, then it’s time for you to consider a smile makeover. It is a procedure used to improve the appearance of your smile using various cosmetic dentistry methods such as dental veneers, composite bonding, tooth implants, and teeth whitening.

At Bombay Dental Centre, we align the misaligned teeth, close the tooth gaps, reduce protrusion, whiten up the teeth, reduce the Gummy smile , straighten the teeth, shape the misshapen teeth, and replace missing teeth.

A smile makeover is not a surgery to perform; it is recommended for many reasons and is customized according to different unique considerations. The treatment might take single or multiple appointments to be scheduled over a couple of weeks, depending on the severity of the case. Also, the makeover treatment approach differs in every way. Discuss your requirements and things you want to change in your smile, the procedures will be offered by our excellent doctors and associates.

Are you unhappy about your smile or teeth? Book your appointment with our expert dental team to ensure the long-term beauty of your smile.

Cosmetic Re-contouring

Even with healthy gums and good oral health conditions, aesthetic issues of teeth is diminished due to poor contours of teeth. Our specialist cosmetic dentists at our dental clinics re-contour the shape and size of the teeth to enhance your smile. Being an invasive procedure, it is inevitable to resort in grinding of enamel. But under the safe hands of our experts, the procedure is efficiently carried out through advanced tools and techniques such as LASERs and helps you achieve the desired results almost immediately.