Teeth Whitening-Treatment

Teeth whitening is all about treating discoloration or removing stains to lighten the shade of teeth. Owing to its high aesthetic appeal, teeth whitening services has become one of the highly demanded general dental procedures in our clinics. With whitened teeth, you can wear an aesthetic smile and enhance the charm of your personality.

Why you need teeth whitening?

  • In case of yellow stained or dull teeth.
  • To increase your appearance by brightening your teeth.
  • Procedure time-45 min.
  • Bright and white teeth in 45 minutes.
  • Absolutely Safe procedure.
  • Results last for 2 years or more.
  • Highly cost effective..

Instant tooth whitening at Bombay Dentel Centre

  • Procedure time -45 minutes.
  • Results-More pronounced as high concentration bleaching agents are used.
  • Procedure is performed by cosmetic dentist.
  • Results are appreciated instantly.

Home whitening

  • Duration two weeks or more.
  • Mild whitening results.
  • We provide our patients with custom-made gum shields that fit their teeth like a tray.
  • Applications to be done by the patient himself n herself by wearing these trays overnight.
  • Results appear gradually over the course of treatment.

Be in touch with us to discuss the right procedure for whitening your teeth we would be glad to provide the best service.