Tooth Extraction Treatment

In several cases, in which teeth are clearly visible, our dental surgeon resorts to a simple extraction procedure that involves a loosening of teeth and their removal with the help of forceps under the effect of local anesthesia. On the other hand, surgical procedures are adopted by our oral surgeons only if the tooth has broken very near the gum line and the presence of large and curved roots in the tooth.At Bombay Dental Centre, we are providing quality treatment at affordable prices.

We always try to avoid tooth extraction and offer treatment through other conservative dentistry practices. Only in unavoidable circumstances, we shun simple procedures and perform surgical procedures to relieve symptoms of pain and reduction of infection. For instance, our surgeons opt for the surgical route for wisdom tooth extraction only if the impact on the adjoining tooth is very high.

Why tooth extraction?

  1. Tooth decay that could not be repaired by root canal treatment
  2. Removal of premolars for Orthodontic treatment (braces)
  3. Removal of retained milk tooth
  4. Fractured or broken tooth
  5. Impacted wisdom tooth
  6. Badly positioned tooth
  7. Severe damage due to infection in bone